Bring a little Greenery into your home

Have you heard about Pantone's Color of the Year, Greenery?
Have you heard about Pantone's Color of the Year, Greenery?
Looking to inject new life into your home? We explore the benefits of indoor plants and take inspiration from Pantone's Colour of the Year, Greenery. 

When you're surrounded by man-made materials, from the walls and windows of your house to the plush fabrics of your curtains and carpets, sometimes it's nice to have a reminder of the natural world. Bringing plants into your home is a simple way to help balance your interior with a touch of nature. However, there is another type of greenery that is taking the interior design world by storm, and that's Pantone's Colour of the Year. 

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What are the benefits of having plants in the home? 

In addition to their aesthetic qualities, including plants in your home decor can have a number of unexpected benefits. Firstly, they can act as a natural air purifier, helping to clean the air and lower the amounts of indoor pollution such as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. 

Taking the form of gases, when inhaled VOCs are linked to a range of adverse health effects, according to the American Chemical Society (ACS). VOC compounds such as formaldehyde, acetone and benzene can be emitted by cleaning supplies, paint and printers. 

"Buildings, whether new or old, can have high levels of VOCs in them, sometimes so high that you can smell them," says Dr Vadoud Niri.

"Inhaling large amounts of VOCs can lead some people to develop sick building syndrome, which reduces productivity and can even cause dizziness, asthma or allergies."

Our Italian Gardens range brings the outdoors to your interior design. Our Italian Gardens range brings the outdoors to your interior design.

Dr Niri, who led a study on the effects of various plants on indoor air quality, found that while several common household plants were all able to remove VOCs from the air, dracaena and bromeliad performed especially well. He concluded that plants like the bromeliad would be good "to have sitting around in the household or workplace". 

Plants have also been shown to have benefits for our wellbeing in other ways. Having plants indoors can slightly increase the moisture levels in the air, decreasing your risk of symptoms such as dry throat, itchy eyes and coughing, according to Healthline.

Another study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology discovered that the presence of indoor plants resulted in an increased attention span – a potentially helpful effect if you are working from home, or you want to create a space for kids to do their homework. 

Low maintenance plants include African violet, English ivy and bamboo, all lovely complements to our Italian Gardens range

Greenery is king for Pantone


A love of nature was also the focus for Pantone when the colour authority was selecting its renowned 'Color of the Year'. Described by Pantone as 'nature's neutral', this refreshing green can inject a splash of verdant vibrancy into your home as well as your outdoor furniture

If at first you find Greenery slightly intimidating, fear not, as this colour can be combined with a range of neutral tones of oatmeal, chestnut and taupe in the Olivia range of drapery fabric for the perfect balance of hues. 

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