Finding the right upholstery fabrics for children

How can you decorate a room around messy children?
How can you decorate a room around messy children?
We all know that children can be quite messy, and they don't always colour within the lines. So, what upholstery fabrics should you choose for their playroom?

Children can be messy, as we're sure you're quite aware. Whether they're running around with permanent markers in hand or intensely focussed on projects involving a lot of glitter, they're prone to creating a mess.

Of course, when designing their playroom, you don't want to opt for stark white upholstery fabrics. But you may not want to just place simple, hard wooden furniture in their room either. The trick is to find the right style of furnishing fabrics.

Furniture for fun

Stylish and savvy – reupholster an old piano bench.

Whether a personal room for one or a play centre for many kids, you need to be able to provide comfort. Children can be more resilient than adults, when sitting on the floor or hard chairs, but as they spend a lot of time in this area, we want to make sure that they also have a space to be able to relax.

When it comes to chairs, plastic options are great for tables and desks. However, you want a bench or stool to be able to sit on that's both stylish and an appropriate size for you. Take a look at piano benches – they're backless, and the tops are padded for comfort. Many of them also come with wheels, so you can scoot around to wherever's convenient.

To save money, look for a second-hand piano bench. That way, you can reupholster the top in a fabric of your choosing to match your interior design. Our Cosada range is a luxurious fabric that comes in many colours, and looks great with the quilted design.

Find a pattern that wouldn't mind a bit of mess

Your kids will create a mess – it's better to resign yourself to that fact before, rather than after, it happens. To combat this, use upholstery that has a pattern which distracts the eye. Our Odessa fabrics would do the trick nicely.

Knowing how to clean up your fabric is another question all together. Read the label of the product used, to determine how to go about removing it form furniture. Rubbing alcohol can do the trick in most cases.

If you're wanting a fabric that's a little more durable against sticky children, why not implement the use of outdoor upholstery fabrics? The Island collection comes in bright patterns and colours, and can stand the tests of Australian weather quite well. To clean, all you need to do in most cases is just give the surface a wipe down with warm soapy water.

Hopefully, your kids will soon learn which canvas is appropriate! Meanwhile, if you do need more fabric advice, don't hesitate to get in contact with our team.