How can you decorate a large space?

Large spaces can easily seem unwelcoming, unless you decorate it right.
Large spaces can easily seem unwelcoming, unless you decorate it right.
You may have heard of many tips to make small space feel airier, but what about a large room? Here are some tips on balancing out space in a spacious area.

We've all been there and done that – living in small space, that is! Whether it was a temporary room in your aunt's bach or a small student apartment, we're sure you've heard about all the tips and tricks to make a cramped space feel open and airy.

However, what about large spaces? It's not easy to design a living room or open plan apartment – you may have heard that using heavy blacks draws the space in, but that doesn't sound appealing to you. Here are some tips on how to best decorate a large space.

Section off the space

Divide your space into sections with L-shaped couches.

You can fill a large space with a sense of belonging by sectioning off areas for specific uses. If it's an open plan apartment, this can create a bedroom-living room separation, which also helps with mental compartmentalising – there's a reason why it's ill-suggested we study in bed, after all!

Use larger furniture items to split a room – you don't necessarily need a partition or a wall, but something like a futon or an L-shaped couch to divide up your space will still keep things open whilst dividing up the area for different purposes. You can even use large potted plants, the leafy appendages offering a pseudo-curtain.

A sofa with its back to an area separates space, and interior design magazine Houzz suggests benches or couch beds to be used as a divider. They can be sat upon, and won't block off areas of the room, maintaining the flow of the whole space whilst separating sections of a room.

You can also use curtains to create a more intimate approach to individual sections. A light flowy curtain hung from the ceiling can give your bed area some privacy without darkening the whole apartment. A breezy material is also great for summer – just make sure you have some fashionable curtain ties to hold the material back when you're not wanting your bed to be hidden.

A big potted plant can easily fill up a space without looking crowded.A big potted plant can easily fill up a space without looking crowded. 

Minimalistic pops

Don't think you need to fill up a large space with loads of ornaments to feel cosy! Instead, adopt a minimalistic look by positioning your furniture so that the simplicity will still be welcoming.

Push long sofas against a wall to use up the dead space. Add some bright cushions for pops of colour that match with elements on other side of the room. Instantly, you have created two areas of your room that are linked, drawing together the open space.

If your furniture is rather lacking in colour department, you can spice it up with surrounding decor and design. Simply paint the walls of your room a bright colour – Houzz suggests the brilliant idea of painting your walls two-tone – a darker shade on top with a gradient or colour block for the bottom section. This will also make a high-ceiling feel lower, especially if you paint the roof the darker shade as well.

With a large space, you can opt for those larger, statement pieces to hang on your walls.With a large space, you can opt for those larger, statement pieces to hang on your walls.

Watch out for walls

With a big space, you can hang bold statement pieces on the walls to draw the eye in and create a point of focus. It doesn't mean that every wall has to have something on or pushed against it. You have to let a few corners breathe, and so, don't be afraid to put chairs in the middle, creating smaller areas to sit and chat, without having to shout across the room.

Two sofas or ottomans on either side of a small coffee table creates an intimate space for social gatherings, while a group of ottomans, chairs and an L-shaped sofa is a place for chit chat, gossip and laughter.

If there is a corner of a room that looks a little empty, simply place a patterned upholstered piece of furniture in its place! Even something as small as an armchair with a side table can complete the whole room.

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