How can you incorporate black into your home’s interior design?

Black is a colour to be embraced.
Black is a colour to be embraced.
Many people shy away from black furniture because it can stand out harshly in a room. That doesn't have to be the case. Here are some tips to help you out.

In a small room, whites are for brights, right? The use of lighter colours, such as warm off-whites, are meant to create the illusion of a bigger space.

However, if you have any black furniture, you may be reluctant to include it in a small room. How can you incorporate darker upholstery furniture into your interior design without making your room look small or crowded? How can you make black play off the other colours of furniture?

Thankfully, it's not as difficult as you think. Here's some inspiration.

50 shades of black

It's time to bend the rules a bit. Black is never just black – you can get a vast array of shades that appear black from a distance, but up close, will have different base hues. Think dark grey, dusky purples and forest greens. Chic Navy, for example, has rich blue tones that account for this sophisticated-looking fabric.

In order to help you lay out the rest of the room it's important to identify the type of black furniture you have.

Black furniture can be a classy, sophisticated way to spruce up your interior design.Black furniture can be a classy, sophisticated way to spruce up your interior design.

Complement and contrast

Once you've found out the underlying shade in your black fabric, you can start playing with other components of the room. Find pillows, rugs and throws in contrasting colours. For example, if your black settee has a distinct blue tint to it, use orange and yellow accents to contrast against the darkness. Houzz even suggests drapery to complement your dark furniture – not only will having brighter curtains light up the room, it creates a lively frame around the windows.

Alternatively, you can use bright colours of the same palette. A forest green couch can be spruced up with lime green cushions. Add a vase of white flowers with long, leafy stems to the coffee table to freshen up the atmosphere. By using flowers, an object associated with the outdoors, you can help to open up the space of a small room.

Warm and white

When dark furniture holds cool tones in a small room, you'll want warm shades to brighten things up. Don't be afraid of white walls to contrast against your furniture. It may make them appear darker, but overall, your whole room will be more spacious.

It can also help to balance out the warm and cool tones within a room.

Sometimes, neutral is best

Black furnishings also work well with neutral colours, such as brown, burgundy and grey. A textile fabric like Coco Caviar, which doesn't draw from any specific colour, has a neutral, dark shade which will benefit next to a warm, mustard brown.

Using neutral shades also allows you to incorporate animal prints, especially those of safari animals. Leopard prints make for a classic, modern look next to a plush black settee.

What sort of lighting will you use to create ambience?What sort of lighting will you use to create ambience?

Lighten up

You walk into a dark room, and what is the first thing you do? Turn on the lights, of course. HomeTone, in its decor section, advises finding the adequate lighting solutions to lend its part to your interior design.

They way that light bounces off dark upholstery furniture is quite different to white surfaces. You want to find a nice balance for the purpose of the room. Do you want a yellow-tint lighting system to make it feel more homely and comfortable, or bright white LEDs to promote a study space?

Play around with lighting fixtures to the accompanying light shades – these all make a difference to the final look of a room. You can directing a focal point of brightness to a specific accent wall or display to make your room feel relaxed and cosy.

Remember that these darker upholstery fabrics can sometimes fade if continuously exposed to sunlight. Make sure you take that into consideration when designing your room. To find black upholstery fabrics to give your furniture new life, Charles Parsons Interiors has many collections with varying textures. For more information, contact our team today.