How to bring Chinoiserie into your own home

How can you bring chinoiserie into your home?
How can you bring chinoiserie into your home?
Learn all about Chinoiserie decor and how to bring this Asian-inspired style into your own home with the help of upholstery manufacturers Charles Parsons.

If you're looking to refresh and update your interior with world-class designs, look no further than Chinoiserie styling. It's indulgent, decadent and incredibly easy to incorporate into your own living spaces.

With the help of upholstery manufacturers, Charles Parsons, learn all about this Asian-inspired decor. 

What is Chinoiserie and where did it come from?

The concept of Chinoiserie has been around since the 18th century, where Europeans became fascinated with Asian culture and style. The name was suitably rendered from 'chinois' – the French translation for Chinese. Homewares such as porcelain, lacquered-dressers and silks were imported from China and Japan to eager European homeowners wanting a taste of Asian design. With so much interest, many British designers took it upon themselves to imitate Eastern styles, leading to the birth of Chinoiserie.

How can you bring Chinoiserie into your own home?

Because Chinoiserie decor consists of Asian-style prints and luxurious fabrications, it's important not to go overboard with motifs and lavish styles as you don't want your living space to look kitsch and tacky. Instead, opt for a select few design features that can truly accentuate your decor.

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Branch out with curtains

One of the most popular Chinoiserie designs is the subtle yet stunning cherry blossom. This pink-flowering tree originated in Japan and is the symbol for love, beauty, hope and reproduction. Bring cherry blossom indoors by using Charles Parsons' floral drapery. Our Kyoto and Kygo collection features delicate, understated oriental blossoms that can work to create a calming and relaxing living space. Choose shade 'straw' for a colour that will see you through the seasons and years.

Cherry blossom is the symbol for love, beauty, hope and reproduction.

Dare to go bold 

Make an impact and dare to go bold by introducing bright, Chinoiserie-inspired colours into your home. Traditional hues include teals, turquoise and taupes, all featuring oriental motifs and designs. If you don't want to go all out on patterns, choose a brightly-coloured, luxurious upholstery fabric like Zegna, in shade 'Nile-blue '. With a rich, velvet fabric and fun, bold colour, you'll be nailing Chinoiserie decor in no time.

Choose Chinoiserie-inspired cushions

If statement furnishings and patterned curtains feel a little too bold but you still want a taste of Chinoiserie, look at introducing cushions using our furnishing fabrics. Revamp your current furnishings by choosing our Botanica upholstery fabric in shade 'pomegranate' for pops of colour and a Chinoiserie-inspired feel. Black, lacquered furnishings are a popular element of this decor style and although a dark colour, this deep shade can work well against bolds like Botanica. Our Bronson fabric features a soft, suede-like feel to soften up the harshness of the black.

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