How to pull off a white Christmas in your own home, minus the snow!

Are you ready to live the dream of a white Christmas?
Are you ready to live the dream of a white Christmas?
Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Discover how this can still be possible indoors with the help of Charles Parsons' decor tips. 

Bing Crosby isn't the only one dreaming of a white Christmas. However, due to Australia's climate conditions, this snow-soaked dream isn't possible – or is it?

Discover just how you can have a white Christmas in your own home (minus the snow!) with the help of Charles Parsons' top interior tips!

Less is more 

Adopting a minimalist white colour scheme will help transform your home into a light and bright sanctuary, ready for hosting guests this Christmas.

Charles Parsons' Amanda sheer drapery in shade White is the perfect choice when looking to create a cool and crisp atmosphere. Adopting lighter fabrics is a great way to bring those Australian summer temperatures down and to keep the place from feeling uncluttered and heavy.

Using novelty, festive decorations will disrupt the uniformity of your theme. Avoid running the risk of being kitsch by sticking with simple, tasteful and rustic options instead. Think pine cone garlands, fairy lights cascading down a wall or vases holding sprigs adorned with delicate baubles. 

Discover how you can have your own white Christmas in Australia.Are you ready to enjoy a white Christmas this year?

Stick to your theme 

There's no need to feel intimidated by an all white interior colour scheme, as white not only encapsulates Christmas, it also represents purity, cleanliness and perfection.

When dressing rooms around the house, use an array of textures such as white wood, clay and other interesting materials to create eye-catching visuals, which will also help breakup the repetition of the white. 

If you want to create a true Christmassy space, introduce a statement white chair as your focal point. Charles Parsons' Alfred upholstery fabric in shade Snow is a contemporary linen blend that will not only work during the festive period, but throughout the year too. Throw fluffy, white throws and patterned pillows on top for the perfect festive finishing touches.

White not only encapsulates Christmas, it also represents purity, cleanliness and perfection.

Accessorise with lights 

Nothing says 'cosy Christmas' like the warm glow emitted from various light sources dotted around a living space at night. Be sure to opt for orange-y tones instead of stark, white lights, as these honey hues can help to give the place warmth, which is vital when using white as your predominant colour. And fairy lights aren't just for the tree. String them along the ceiling or down walls for even more light and pizzazz. Bring in tea lights and other candles of different heights and sizes to help create a true festive ambience. 

Put those dreams of having a white Christmas to bed and enjoy living in the reality with Charles Parsons this year.