It’s time to get ‘totally groovy’ for seventies decor

Are you ready to relive the seventies again?
Are you ready to relive the seventies again?
The seventies was one of the most defining decades for music, pop culture and fashion. It also spawned a new wave of decor themes that are making their way back into the home in the modern day. Find out how you can incorporate seventies decor into your home today.

The seventies was one of the most defining decades for fashion, history and music. It gave us Abba, platform shoes and saw the end of an era for one of music's most iconic bands, The Beatles.
This decade also spawned some of the most memorable decor themes – and no, we're not talking lava lamps or disco balls.

Discover how seventies decor is making a comeback and how you can incorporate it into your home design.

Introduce colours of the decade

Orange is a colour heavily associated with this decade and one that works just as well in the home in 2018. In the seventies, we saw this shade splashed across furniture, walls and even featured in some questionable wallpaper choices. This year, give a nod to this must-have hue and use orange sparingly to create just the right amount of impact.

A great way to do so is through the use of a statement chair. Use Charles Parsons' cotton/linen Leno upholstery fabric in shade Orange as the base for a mid-century Danish armchair. Adorn with a white shag blanket and place a space-age feature floor lamp close by to create a real seventies-inspired nook. Dress the room with other seventies colours such as browns and yellows. Think oak cabinetry in the form of low and long sideboards, yellow glossy ornaments and orange lampshades.

Focus on textures

In this decade, the more texture used in the home the better, and one that was championed by a lot of homeowners was rattan. From chairs to storage, and bed frames to decorations, this natural woven material was everywhere. Using this wicker-style furnishing can create a homely and rustic feel – especially when paired with warming seventies-inspired paint colours.

However, the one seventies texture we simply can't get enough of is velvet. This plush material oozes seventies sex appeal and is easier to incorporate into your decor schemes than you may think. With a neutral sofa as your base, simply dress with cushions upholstered in Charles Parsons' Savoy fabric in shade Lagoon. This deep teal shade paired with the luxurious velvet material is eye-catching exuberance at its finest. This colour also works incredibly well with seventies-style oranges and yellows – perfect for nailing this trend.

Don't shy away from pattern

Geometric shapes and funky patterns were used in many homeowners decor schemes. Although often loud and proud, it was – and still is – a great way to inject personality and create impact in your living spaces. Prepare to pack a punch with patterned curtains. Our New Orleans solid upholstery fabric collection features subtle geometric designs in various silver hues. This doesn't just play on the seventies space-age theme, it's also a great alternative to neutral blinds. Fill the room with silver furnishings and introduce plenty of glassware to keep the room feeling clean and minimalist. 

For more seventies decor inspiration, or design advice, call Charles Parsons today to see what we can do for you.