New year, new decor trends

Lavender is one of the year's biggest colours.
Lavender is one of the year's biggest colours.
Are you ready to tackle some of 2018's biggest decor trends? With the help of Charles Parsons, discover just how easy it can be! 

The age-old phrase 'new year, new me' is a resolution that often gets forgotten about as the year draws on. Therefore, we think it's time to adopt something a little easier to maintain. 

In 2018, make a change you'll be happy to keep by incorporating some of the year's biggest decor trends into your home. 

Here are a couple of trends we're most looking forward to.

Lust for lavender

Move over millennial pink, it's time for another pastel hue to take centre stage. That's right, experts are pinning lavender to be the big star of 2018.

You don't have to go all out with this colour. Instead, bring it into your home through the use of an accent chair. Choose Charles Parsons' Borsetti upholstery fabric in shade Orchid – a rustic, transitional purple shade that will brighten any home.

There are many ways to use lavender throughout the house. In the warmer months, bring in natural lavender and pair with delicate sheer drapery to create a light and bright summer space. In winter, introduce shaggy white rugs and throws, and pair with mahogany accents to truly accentuate this shade. 

The bigger the bloom, the better

In 2018, prepare to bring the outdoors indoors, as one of the biggest decor trends focuses on big and bold floral patterns. Think vases full of luscious, pink peonies and sky-blue hydrangeas, floral wall art and of course, plenty of colourful cushions.

Give your living room an instant lift by detailing the sofa with an array of floral-inspired cushions from Charles Parsons. Our Botanica upholstery fabric in shade pomegranate is the perfect choice to really nail this trend.

One of the biggest decor trends focuses on big and bold floral patterns.

Spicy shades to make your mouth water

Get ready to introduce an array of spicy shades into the home that will be sure to get your tummy rumbling. From deep, jewel toned-beetroot shades to hazy and zesty hues inspired by coriander – the more mouth watering the better. However, there's one colour that stands out from the rest this season – mustard.

Yellow is the colour of happiness, representing joy and energy – perfect to use in the home all year round! 

Opt for subtle injections of this joyful colour through the use of throws, cushions and linen. However, if you're really ready to tackle this trend head on use Charles Parsons Zegna upholstery fabric in shade Zest. The richness of this velvet fabric is perfect for bringing out the depth of this opulent yellow shade. 

If you're ready to take on 2018's biggest decor trends, contact Charles Parsons to see just how we can help!