The interior colour trends you should be following for 2018

What colours will you bring into your home for 2018?
What colours will you bring into your home for 2018?
Sherwin-Williams has revealed the colour trends of 2018. Learn how to incorporate these colour palettes into your own home with our expert help.

Every year we look forward to hearing about which design trends are the ones to watch and follow, and from them all, colour is the one we just can't get enough of.

Introducing trend-based colour palettes into the home is a great way to stay ahead of the interior game, but just what are the colour trends we can expect to follow in 2018?

Unity, Connectivity, Sincerity, oh my!

Let's look at the colour forecast as predicted by Sherwin-Williams, a Fortune 500 company that has been dictating the world's upcoming hot colour trends for years. This year, Sherwin-Williams reckons there are three colour palettes stealing the limelight, capturing the year ahead in fine, colourful glory.


Unity sets to celebrate the world's longing of security, sanctuary and lust for adventure with this calming yet unexpectedly playful palette. Enjoy an array of mellow tans and stabilising neutrals paired with in-your-face fuchsia and candy-cane red. With shades across the spectrum for anyone, no matter how daring or reserved, incorporating these colours into your own home is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Our tip for using Unity: Choose a base colour like the understated yet stylish Carrea drapery fabric in shade Mushroom. Not only a classic and timeless choice, it also allows you to play around with bright and bold accessories in blue, red and hot pink shades.


"Less is more" is the tagline to this next palette, as it showcases that the minimalist trend isn't going anywhere fast. It shows understated, relaxing tones that blend seemingly well together to create a harmonious scheme.

With names like Pearl Grey, Sashay Sand and Acacia Haze, these shades will work wonders to create a cosy nook in your home.

  • Our tip for using Sincerity: Our Astrid upholstery fabric in shade Chalk is a great nod to the simple yet stylish Sincerity palette.


Connectivity is all about showing off how we are a generation of technology-driven,highly advanced people. See shades of bright orange, high-definition yellow and digital green. Not for the faint hearted, this palette is sure to pack a punch.

  • Our tip for using Connectivity: Have fun with this scheme and don't be afraid to make a statement. Do just that with the shade Tigerlily in our Promenade outdoor upholstery range. Featuring a fiery orange shade offset with pixilated inspired print, it's a great way to incorporate this trend to your outdoor area.

For more information of how you can bring colour into your home, reach out to the experts today.