Three easy ways to bring velvet into your home

Find out how you can bring velvet into your own home.
Find out how you can bring velvet into your own home.
Velvet is the fabric that everyone appears to have a crush on this year. Discover these three easy ways to bring it into your own home.

From the runway, where dusky pink and salmon orange hues were popular with the likes of designer Christian Siriano, to the shelves of every major homeware store, there seems to be one fabric that has got interior designers, fashion houses and homeowners crushing on – velvet.

Whether you incorporate this plush and luxurious fabric into your wardrobe or home, there are many effortless and easy ways in which to do so. However, if you're struggling to introduce velvet into your interior design project, look no further than our top tips and tricks.

1. Don't overdo it

As with any colour, fabric or furnishing, if you've fallen in love with something, you may just want to use it everywhere and anywhere you can. However, because velvet is such a rich and lavish fabric, it's vital to avoid overdoing it. Instead, introduce one main, showstopping focal point or several little, complementing features.

For example, placing a statement armchair, using velvet as the upholstery fabric, in a corner of a living room can add an interesting element to a minimal room. Alternatively, add a cluster of velvet cushions to an existing sofa for a touch of elegance.

2. Think about colourings

Velvet comes in array of colours which makes it easy to find a hue to suit your existing furnishings and schemes. Here at Charles Parsons, find deep, jewel tones such as our Zegna Legion Blue and Zegna Mediterranean and warmer, woody tones such as Zegna Praline and Zegna Sesame. With any interior design project, it's important to think about which colours match. To avoid giving your space a boudoir feel, it's wise to avoid choosing reds and deep pinks as the predominant colours.

…and textures

With such a different and decadent texture, velvet instantly brings a touch of glamour and elegance to any space. Use velvet as your drapery fabric for a warm and rich feel to a room, and due to the thickness, velvet curtains can help to eliminate drafts through the cooler months all while creating marvellous silhouettes. Incorporating velvet into a bedroom is a popular choice for homeowners as it helps to bring a sensual feel to a space. Introduce a throw, cushions or even a bedroom bench for added luxury. 

Being in the textile industry for over 100 years, it's no surprise that Charles Parsons are at the forefront of transforming homes using high quality and on trend fabrics. If you have a project you'd like expert advice on, call us today on 1300 306 316 today.