[VIDEO] How to keep your home warm this winter

Sunlight is a great natural source of free heating.
Sunlight is a great natural source of free heating.
During the winter, it can be difficult to keep your home warm while balancing out mounting heating bills. Here are some tips to help.

Winter is a season that brings cold chills, grey skies and drizzling rain to each week's agenda. It's a season where many prefer to be warm and snuggly in the comfort of their home, which can be hard to achieve when balancing heating with a mounting electricity bill.

There are, of course, many efforts you can take to retain warmth in your home, whether through thick curtains, linings and good use of upholstery fabrics in your interior design. Here are some tips.

Do you know which direction the sun shines on your home?Do you know which direction the sun shines on your home?

Make the most of natural heating

Light and heat from the sun is free, so why not benefit from it? During the day, keep your curtains pulled aside to let natural light in. Once it hits sundown, close your curtains so that it insulates the heat inside your home.

It won't significantly keep you warm on its own, but can help when you're supplementing it with a heater, and the evening chill sets in.

However, sunlight can be damaging to your upholstery fabrics and curtains, so make sure you don't have any sun-sensitive furniture that's in direct beams of sun. The angle of light will change occasionally, so keep that in mind when designing the interior of your room.

You can also invest in a sheer curtain to filter the light that comes through. It dims down bright lighting in your room whilst still letting in warmth. To protect your curtains, linings are a must – they are an extra layer of fabric that hangs between your windows and curtains, allowing heat to enter whilst keeping your home cool in summer.

Keep your home dry

If you notice excessive condensation on your windows each morning, it can lead to more problems than just wet windowsills.

A dehumidifier with a heater on at the same time can heat your room faster.

Any curtains or linings that press close to windows are subject to mould and mildew if the moisture is trapped in with no way of drying out. Mould in your home can lead to many health problems, not just to you but also to the structural integrity of your home.

A dehumidifier can help to remove dampness in your home. If you have a heater on at the same time, you'll notice that your room may warm up faster – instead of heating moisture in the air, the energy is transferred into warming your house.

Invest in thick, lush fabrics

Your curtains and furniture will help to retain heat better if they are of a plush, thicker quality – especially if textures are incorporated. This is why woolly, fluffy rugs always come into fashion during winter.

At Charles Parsons, we offer a wide range of suitable materials, that help to make your home look cosy and stay warm. Watch the video below to find out more.