Feel sunkissed this summer with our chic outdoor Island Collection

Enjoy quality summer living with our new outdoor Island Collection.
Enjoy quality summer living with our new outdoor Island Collection.
Check out our chic new collection of outdoor fabrics, aptly titled the 'Island Collection' as you'll feel like you're jetting off to exotic islands.

Ahh, summer. 

It's a time to lounge by the pool, get sand between our toes, sip delicious iced drinks and feel the sun kiss our cheeks. If the summer season could be a colour, you'd expect to see vibrant hues such as orange, yellow, deep blue and lush green.

These tints and tones are exactly what you can look forward to in our brand new chic collection of outdoor fabrics, aptly titled the 'Island Collection' as you'll feel like you're jetting off to fabulous exotic islands. 

Each fabric, print and pattern will evoke a slice of tropical paradise, so let's splash right into introducing this new collection and its standout pieces. 

Inspiration for the Island Collection

This new designer range of fabrics makes an outdoor lifestyle easy breezy, with an effortlessly glamorous vibe. The vast range of striped, floral and geometric prints make it simple to create attractive and stylish looks while maintaining a practical functionality that is considerate of the transition between indoor and outdoor areas. 

Peruse the palette

Our new dynamic range of prints can be purchased in each of the collection's colours, so you have a pallet and a pattern to suit every setting.

Passion flower red, shown here in the Atoll and x prints.Passion flower red, shown here in the Atoll and Lagoon prints.

Imagine you're splashing in aquamarine waters with our Inlet and Squid Ink tones of blue.

Next, you're strolling through fields of blooming petals, showcased in the rich red tones of our Passion Flower hue. 

Afterward, you feel the salty sea breeze billow through your hair, your feet in the sand dunes, as shown in the elegant grey-beige tones of our colour Dune. 

You stroll off the beach to the rocky shore, sitting perched on stones with your feet dangling over the edge with the Basalt colour. 

Complete your journey by taking a refreshing and invigorating walk through nature with the green tones of our Mangrove colour}.

All these dazzling colours from the Island Collection are balanced by neutral tones of Charcoal and Foam, bringing the monochromatic black-and-white tones to round out the entire colour scheme. 

You'll see that we have considered regional differences to blend both sophisticated neutrals with a vitality of colour to create newness. 

Pair with a pattern

Once you have finalised which colours you will be decorating with, cast your eye towards the plethora of prints available. We have a total of six to choose from, including a solid block colour variant, highlighting our attention to detail and economies of scale with reversible designs. 

For a timeless take on nautical stripes, look no further than the Peninsula print, a mix of wide and narrow stripes in a visually appealing print. Peninsula is a great base print to build other ones off, as you can see in this luxurious outdoor day bed. 

It has been matched with a pillow set, with a curated collection of Basalt and Dune tones in the Atoll and Lagoon prints.

Atoll is a medium scale new generation geometric pattern in positive and negative colourations while Lagoon is an organic leaf pattern injecting natural freshness into the styling. 

Cove is another striped variant, but with a contemporary twist using pinstripes flanked with white to break up the striped flow. 

Reef is a clever take on a small scale universal pattern in positive and negative abstract shapes.

Each print brings its own charisma and character to the table, so feel free to style your backyard, pool patio, alfresco dining or outdoor furnishings with a variety of these in the same colour scheme for a modern, minimalist palette. 

Bohemian-chic aesthetics can be achieved by choosing different prints as well as contrasting colours, such as the complementary red-and-green tones of Mangrove and Passion Flower. These are great Christmas colours, too, so in our Southern-Hemisphere summer Christmas, they will always be in use. 

Get creative and use the fabrics for deck chairs as well as cushions!Get creative and use the fabrics for deck chairs as well as cushions!